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My Hard Drive and Computer Crashed! - What Can I Do?
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Hard Drive Crash
Most computers store data on their hard drives. Hard drives have a limited lifespan. At some point, if you own your computer long enough, your hard drive will fail, and you will lose all the data on that drive.

Backups are Essential!
QuickBAS stores all its data on your computer's hard drive. If you lose your drive, you will lose your data, unless you keep regular backups. You should always keep backups of your important data. We have a page devoted to explaining how to backup your QuickBAS data here.

Restoring Your Data
You can only reliably restore your QuickBAS data if you kept a recent backup. We have a page explaining how to restore your data backups here.

Hard Drive Data Recovery
If you have not kept a backup, you may be able tor rescue data from your failed hard drive using a third party commercial service. Search for "Hard drive data recovery" on Google for companies that specialise in this.
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